16 weeks of class

9/11/17 - TBA

*Monday 6:00pm, Ballet & Lyrical Level 3/4 Ages 11+
This advanced class is designed for students with at least 3 years of ballet experience who are looking to mature to pointe work. Class includes a full barre, center work, advanced jumps, leaps, and turns, as well as a lyrical routine to be performed in the spring dance recital. Students new to the academy are required to take a private lesson with the teacher to ensure the class is suitable for their level of dance. Current academy students must have teacher permission to sign up. It is recommended for students to also register for the Wednesday 7:00pm ballet class AND/OR the Saturday 10:00am jazz & hip hop class to ensure maximum growth.

Attendance Policy

Regular class attendance is vital to student progress and a successful recital. Students who miss more than four classes a semester will not be permitted to perform in the recital, unless granted permission by the teacher after private lessons and consultation. Three consecutively missed classes also disqualifies a student from participating. In certain, rare cases, the teacher may waive this rule. Parents should contact the teacher ahead of time to note absences. No absences, other than for illness, will be permitted the month before the recital. In addition, we expect our students to arrive on time and be prepared for class. A student who comes more than 5 minutes late may be excused from class. If repeatedly late and have been given a clear warning, we reserve the right to dismiss the student completely with no refund of tuition.

Recital Fee $25 required for Spring semester only. Similar to registration fee (not per class or per child, a one time flat fee in the Spring). If multiple dance classes are selected we will adjust the pricing after you register so that it reflects a one time charge.

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Monday 6:00p - 7:00p, Ballet & Lyrical Level 3/4 Ages 11+

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