18 weeks of lessons beginning (Week of February 4th - June)

Suzuki is a world-renowned teaching method. The Academy's Suzuki is specifically based the teaching techniques taught at the University of Maryland’s program. It includes private lessons, a semesterly parent meeting, 12 group classes and solo and group recitals.  

The mix of private lessons with a large group class is fundamental to Suzuki’s enormous success. Students begin with one weekly 30-minute lesson (or, for violin, pod of two or three students for one hour) and 12 group classes per semester. The large group class is a vital component of all excellent Suzuki programs, giving the children invaluable ensemble experience, increasing their musical, expressive and interpretive abilities, and building friendships and rapport with other young musicians. Because group class and private lessons are equally important, parents are required to observe, participate and take detailed notes at both.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Suzuki students have ample opportunity to perform each semester: Within the group classes, at the Solo Recital featuring solo pieces, the Group Recital featuring ensemble work, and on the regular schoolwide Academy recitals. Suzuki students have often been winners in the Academy's Honors Auditions.    

Pre-Enrollment Observation--Before enrolling, children and parents observe a group and private lessons of other children. Observation is free. Consistency is important even in observation. Contact our office  at 301-947-9705, or email admin@theacademyoffinearts.com to begin observations.




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Suzuki Violin with 45 min lessons

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