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Homeschool Piano Class Thu TBARock Band Program

Welcome homeschoolers! Here is the basic information for you: WHEN: Thursdays at TBA AGE: Varies; Contact Academy Office to arrange a time; MINIMUM # OF STUDENTS: 7; TUITION: Monthly ongoing autopay, $112 per month; credit card only; 

Mondays at 5:30 pm. Begins September 9, 2019. This is an ongoing class with frequent performances. While no experience is necessary on drums, guitar, piano or bass, preference may be given to those with experience. However, in most cases it is...
Young Singers Brigade
Young Singers Brigade

Mondays at 6:30. Students may join anytime. Ages 8-12. Join a fun and lively vocal choir that gives young singers the opportunity to learn and lend their voice to their favorite songs....