Camp Triple Threat (Act-Dance-Sing) Ages 7-14 FULL DAY


Full Day (FD): 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Half Day (HD): 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Session 1: June 17 – 28 - For 8 - 11 years of age only.
Session 2: August 5 – 16
Session 3: August 19 – 30

FD: $600 ($540 if registered by March 31st)
HD: $370($333 if registered by March 31st)


March 31st: Early Bird Registration Deadline: $30 Registration Fee waived
At Time of Registration: Either 1) Full Tuition plus Non-Refundable $30 Registration Fee, or 2) $150 Deposit plus Non-Refundable $30 Registration
Fee. If registering by March 31st, $30 Registration Fee is waived.

DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE Please write in the box which discount applies (i.e. "Early Bird and Sibling").  When we you have completed this registration, we will receive it in the office, apply the discounts and send you a copy of the paid invoice. 

• Early Bird Registration: $30 Registration Fee waived if registered by March 31st
• Sibling Discount: Only applies to immediate family members. Does not apply to the 1st child. Full Day/Half Day, apply $50/$30 to each additional child. 

• Multiple Camp Discount: Does not apply to the 1st camp. Full Day/Half Day, apply $50/$30 to each additional camp. 
• Cannot take advantage of both  Multiple Camp and Sibling discounts. 

• $30 Registration Fee is non-refundable.
• April 30: Last day for refund on $150 Deposit.
• May 15: Camp tuition must be PAID IN FULL. NO REFUNDS can be issued after this date.

Refund Policy: If a session is canceled due to insufficient enrollment, an alternative session will be offered if/when available. Otherwise, a full refund will be issued. The Academy of Fine Arts reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or dismiss any camper if his/her conduct is detrimental to the well-being of the camp, camper or staff, and no refund or credits will be issued.

RELEASE AGREEMENT: I agree to be responsible for any medical bills which may result from illness or injury during my child’s participation at the Academy of Fine Arts Camp. I also understand and agree that my child(ren) is/are expected to carry his/her/their own accident and medical insurance. I release the Academy of Fine Arts from any and all liability and/or claims or damages arising out of personal injury of any kind. If necessary, I authorize the Academy of Fine Arts to administer first aid and/or authorize medical treatment for my child(ren). I have read and understand the contents of this Registration Form, including the Refund and Cancellation Policies and the Release Agreement. 


Camp Triple Threat (Act-Dance-Sing) Ages 7-14 FULL DAY

Price: $600.00
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